danbury hometown heroes banner program

honoring our heroes in the united states armed forces

helping to never forget

The Hometown Heroes Banner Program was designed to help communities never forget the brave men and women who have served and those serving our nation today.

honoring the military

Hometown Heroes banners were created to do one thing - To honor the individuals serving and those who have served and sacrificed in defense of our nation.

original program

The original Hometown Heroes Banner Program first displayed in Harrisburg, PA in 2006 with 367 banners the first year and 512 banners the second.


Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo holds a larger size sample of the banner style that will be displayed on White Street for the Hometown Heroes Banner Program.  Standing with Mayor Cavo are Danbury Veterans Affairs Director Dan Hayes and Program Coordinator Lee Teicholz.

Aerial view showing the approximate lamppost locations for the banners on White Street.  The lampposts are located between Holley Lane and Fifth Avenue.  There are 21 lampposts and two banners will be displayed on each one.

The City of Danbury, a Purple Heart City, launched its Hometown Heroes Banner Program on Purple Heart Day, August 7th, because it is a community which strongly supports and advocates for its military personnel and veterans.

Danbury City Hall electronic information board promoting the Danbury Hometown Heroes Banner Program.